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Adele van Heerden is an artist and curator living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. After graduating in Fine Arts at the Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2010, Van Heerden continued her studies at the University of South Africa, where she obtained a BA in History and Politics. In 2015, she graduated from the University of Cape Town with an Honours Degree in Curatorship. 


Van Heerden recently opened a successful solo exhibition, "In Memoriam", at the Association for Visual Arts (AVA Gallery) in Cape Town. Her work has been widely exhibited in group shows, at galleries such as Salon 91, the Gallery at Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate, 99 Loop, DF Contemporary, Rust-en-Vrede and Art.b. Other professional experience artistic experience includes a two year stint as gallery manager at the South African Print Gallery as well as internships at the Spier Arts Trust (Yellowwoods Art Consultancy) and the University of Cape Town's Michaelis Galleries. She now acts as a consultant curator at Art B. Gallery and Absolut Art.


Van Heerden describes her work as a direct, personal response to the particular social, historical and political conditions she is present in.  "Living in a post-colonial context," she comments," I recognise omniscient spectres of the past haunting the present. In my multi-layered, detailed ink drawings I make subtle commentary on themes related to the relevance of the commemoration of war heroes in a post-colonial landscape. Colourful images of flowers, toy soldiers and horses are imposed and juxtaposed with monuments. With this subject matter, my work launches a confrontation with the past; it interrogates the presence of commemorative monuments and encourages the viewer to question their understanding of them."